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All of our card games have many cards so that you can spend hours having fun without needing to buy an additional expansion pack!

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Yes, you have two options: the first is to go to the Amazon site for your country, enter your shipping address and search for the game in the language you want. If it is in stock and the shipping details are visible, it means that you can order it. The second option is to go to the Amazon website of the country of the language you want to order the game in, search for the game and check if it can be delivered to your country, by entering your shipping address and checking if the game is displayed in stock and if the shipping details are visible.

Welcome to the Zenagame frenzy!! Unfortunately we do not offer spare parts for our games.

Unquestionably, yes. Each turn, one person draws a card, reads it and performs it. The cards require generous amounts of alcohol... a drunken evening is on the horizon! Of course, the wisest can replace the tequila with orange juice. WARNING - Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation. This game is intended for adults only (+18 or +21 depending on the country). It does not require excessive alcohol consumption and Zenagame cannot be held responsible for the behavior of players during or after the game.


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